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Sunday, August 5th 2018, 3:03pm

Need help with replacing my existing setup


Let me start by saying I am new, but I have worked on my own system for years mostly just replacing heads, pipe when it leaked or other basic task. The whole valve and placement is not something i have worked with in the past (growing up we had a well with an indexing valve that I know. It had 4 zones and you start where the last one left off) The house I am at now has city water for the sprinklers and an indexing valve, but I only have 3 zones. So I am not sure what happens with the 4 zone when it comes on. About a month ago the valve would not even come on. I tried to see what I could do to fix it but it was not going to come one. So I thought I would replace it. It was pretty easy. Still I have an indexing valve and I can only water in order. I did buy an Orbit B-Hyve 6 zone timer as the trusty intermatic timer stopped working, but I did not install the B-Hyve and Rain Bird did not have something like this. Well once I had the new Orbit 57604 1 in. FPT Anti-Siphon Valve I figured it was time to install the new timer so I do not have to keep manually watering. (I live in South Florida so it has been raining a lot and we never freeze) Even if it is only a turn on and off for x amount of minutes.

All this said and done I want to replace the index valve for two reasons. 1) It is inefficient and 2) Something has happened to it as the water will not come on all the time and I have to go out every now and then and open it up to release the pressure if that makes any sense. The valve is turning the water on but the indexing valve is getting stuck I think on that mysterious 4th zone and then it does not water the lawn until I go over undo the two screws on the top of the indexing valve push down on the selector (That is what i call the part that selects the zone). Well now that I have a timer that can handle up to 6 zones I need to use it and if the indexing valve is bad and needs to be replaced I am going to do it right. So here is what i have thought up to replace it.

I see I can get an Orbit 3 valve manifold for about $55.00, but I really like Rain Bird, seems like a good product and well truthfully that is what my dad used so that is what I like to use. (I know I installed an Orbit valve, but it was what they had at home depot and I needed something quick as I was going away on vacation and had some new sod installed and needed the sprinklers to work even if I had to have a neighbor come over and turn it on manually) So I would like to go with a Rainbird Valve. Now I could get a 3 zone as that is how many I have, but I was thinking this is where being new can be dangerous. What if I got a 4 zone and then connected that last zone up so I could connect it to a hose. Then say I need to water an area I could place the hose over there and have it come on with the timer. (Really I am thinking about growing some herbs and vegetables and if I am not home for what ever reason i could place the hose on them and water)

Here is my list of what I want.
  • 4 100-DVF-NPT Valve Manifold 1" Slip | MS-4DV-SLIP
  • Rain Bird Green Rectangular Valve Box Standard Rectangular | VBSTDH
  • 18 Gauge Black 7 Condcuctors Wire | 18-7-FT (About 15 feet)

I know I need some PVC pipe and connectors etc, but those I can get locally as shipping a 10 foot piece of pipe cannot be easy plus the cost when i can get it here. I am also going to place some rocks as a base for the valves. I have seen there is a box the valves can rest on. Is that something I should looks at Orbit (53230) is the only one that has it.
The manifold is rainbird, but it is sch 80 and all my pipes are sch 40 so I do not think I need that. The other manifold I would be willing to use is the 4 PGV-101JT-MM Valve Manifold 1" Slip | Dura-4PGV-SLIP it is by Hunter and cost almost $27 less.

I had thoughts of taking the main water line which right now goes straight up to a PVC on/off valve then up to the Orbit 57604 anti-siphon valve and then down over to the indexing valve. I wanted to take the main line run it underground to a on/off valve in a box then over to a bigger box with my 4 valves. I think I need to come up out of the ground at least a foot to some type of back flow device. Am I right? I am working on drawing it all out, but want to make sure I am thinking right.

Here is what I had before I replace the valve, but it still looks the same. I know in the picture I have a rain bird valve . . Or I thought it was a rain bird valve.

Also Rain Bird vs hunter?

Here are some pictures.

Thank you in advance for your help and reading all of this. I know it was a little long.

Well here is what I have drawn up as a Design

Here is the list of parts .


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