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Tuesday, July 3rd 2018, 4:21pm

Reconnect After Pool Install

I am trying to reconnect a portion of my sprinkler system after having a pool put in. I had it done 2+ years ago but never got around to having it reconnected because well...I had just paid for a pool so my budget and time were pretty eaten up. Now everyone is busy and it's a small job so...

I only need one station repaired and it is on the same side as the control panel and the water meter. Is this something I can do myself?

Below is my system schematic:
  • Stations 1-4 work.
  • Station 5 gets water to the first head. (The line was cut after that because the pool sits in the middle of the yard where that plumbing was located.)
  • Station 6 is not needed because that's were the pool is.
  • Station 7 is the one that I want to reconnect.

Power: If I am reading the schematic correctly it looks like my wiring ran across the back wall and down the sides so it could have survived unscathed. When I manually set Station 7 to run, I can can hear is a small buzzing sound like I am getting current and I can feel a slight vibration at the connections. I have not used a voltmeter to confirm current.

If I tie into the current system, am I safe in assuming I have to locate the main pipe off the main water and then run that to the control?

Controls: Hunter Pro-C (in case it matters.)

I work for a national equipment rental company so I have access to any tools I would need for through my work so tools are not an issue.

Thanks in advance!
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Wednesday, July 4th 2018, 7:48pm

Let me understand your goals correctly, are you just looking to reconnect/reinstall station 7?
When you say you "hear a small buzzing sound at the connetions" I am assuming that is at the valve location. Which is good news, this means that your valve is working and most likly the line is capped off.
What I would do is try to locate a sprinkler head on zone 7, dig it up and attach a water supply to it. This can be done with a fitting to go from GHT (garden hose threads) to SPT (standard Pipe Threads) would be the easist, unscrew the sprinkler head and attache a garden hose to the fitting. Depending on the head it will either be 1/2" threads or 3/4" threads.
If you cant locate a head, dig arossthe area that is known to have heads and attempt to locate the pipe, at which point you will need to cut in a tee or another fitting to connect to.

Then look for leaks, cap them off or repair them as necisary.

Once that is done you can hook the end of the pipe from zone 7 to the valve that is humming and buzzing.
How to determine which valve to tie in too.
You can do one of 2 things, verify the wire colors or turn the valve on manually and see what happens. To turn the valve on manually, simply turn the solenoid (part with the wires coming out of it) to the left and loosen it slightly until you hear water go by, then tighten it to turn it off.
Caution-Do not unscrew the solenoid completely it is a pain to get back on in a dirty cramped valve box. If the line is capped you will not hear the water rush by.
The next thing you can do is open up the controller and take a look at what color wires they are using, in 90% of all residential multistrand wire is used. Meaning multiple wires in 1 cable, take a look at the color of zone 7 and match that up to the valves located in the field.
Unless the wires have been cut and repaired with disregaurd for the system they wires shoud match.

For zone 5
If the heads are the same type as another zone and share the same traits such as, all shade, all sun and no big change in terrain. I would just wire it with another zone.

Open up your controller and take the wire from zone 5 and combine with zone 4
Unfortuneatley I was unable to see what your picture you attached was feel free to let me know if you have any more questions.

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