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Sunday, June 24th 2007, 2:39pm

One zone not working

When I attempted to start irrigation this season, zone 3 of 3 did not work. I thought that it might be th controller, because it was acting wacky (would not maintain date/time, program schedule, etc). So I purchased a new controller, however that did not solve the problem. I dug up the sprinklers (5 total). I noticed that there is water in the main line at 2 of the 5 sprinklers but the others are dry. There is no water pressure at all. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?


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Monday, June 25th 2007, 4:52pm

Please be a little more specific. We need to know what type of system you have. Do you have a pump, is it on municipal water? The more info you give, the better we can help.
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Saturday, August 4th 2007, 8:25am

Rather than start a new topic, I thought I'd tailgate on this one and give you my specifics. One zone is giving me problems - I had it working last weekend, but it's not working now.

* The other zones on that circuit function in both manual and automatic modes, so the controller seems to be working.

* The zone consists of four sprinkler heads. At least one of them dribbles a bit when I turn on the water with the switch at the valve head (I forget what that's called - it's an orbit valve, and it's that little black lever). I didn't check the other sprinkler heads.

* When I move the black lever, I can hear water moving through the pipe.

* I don't see any evidence of a leaking pipe underground - that is, no squishy ground or exceptionally green areas.

* The system is on municipal water.

Any suggestions? Let me know if you need more information.

Thanks in advance ...




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Saturday, August 4th 2007, 2:21pm

Hi Lerissa, that lever does basically the same thing to the solenoid that your controller would. It raises the solenoid plunger which allows the valve to open. So that said, you have one of two problems.
Either there's a clogged port under that solenoid or the diaphragm is bad. Most likely it's the diaphragm. If you're handy, changing the diaphragm on an orbit valve it simple if you can find the replacement part. I'm going under the assumption that the water you're hearing isn't at full strength. If it is then you have a break in the line.
Good luck!
One more thing. Check the flow control to make sure it's not turned all the way off. It's the knob on top of the valve right in the middle. Clockwise is off.
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Sunday, August 5th 2007, 8:38am

Thanks, mrfixit! That diaphragm part is amazingly important, isn't it? I had a leaking valve elsewhere in the system, and called Orbit (they have very helpful customer service). They sent out a diaphragm and valve cap. It was an easy repair, and instantly effective. So I'll go for the diaphragm - and probably the valve cap at the same time. (And BTW, I did try the flow control ... apparently not the problem.)

What do you mean by "the water you're hearing isn't at full strength"? How would I know whether it's at full strength or not? Or do I just have to replace the diaphragm first and then, if the zone is still not working, start looking for a line leak?

One more question: why is it so hard to find Orbit parts? Here in San Diego, no one carries them. There's a plumbing supply place that will order them for me, or I have to order them directly from Orbit. Is the company going down the tubes? Should I start replacing any broken valves with other brands?



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Sunday, August 5th 2007, 10:26am

Where do I start. At the beginning.
1)Yes the diaphragm is verrrry important. As are most parts on a valve.
2)The full strength thing. I just meant that the valve is all the way open instead of just partially. I think your idea of changing the diaphragm first is a good idea.
3)You said one more question. =) There are other available brands which are basically the same thing as Orbit. Even the diaphragms are the same. I'd start shopping at an irrigation supply store such as Ewing or Hydroscape. Here's the difference in the two stores Ewing and Hydroscape. At Ewing where I usually go, you can walk up and down the isles and handle the product. At Hydroscape it's like an auto parts store. You have to tell the guy at the counter what you want. I'm fairly certain there's a Ewing in San Diego. Take a look there. Good luck!
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Sunday, September 16th 2007, 1:50pm

Hey, mrfixit: Thought I'd update you on my progress finding Orbit parts. I have not found a single store in San Diego that carries Orbit parts or will order them, and I didn't want to try to sort through the other parts to get the right ones. But actually, that is good news. Because when I called Orbit to order parts, they sent them to me for free! Amazing. This sprinkler system was here when I bought this place in 05, but the previous owners installed it sometime after their purchase in 01, so Orbit decided it was still under warranty. Cool, huh?

They sent me, among other parts, valve seal carriers (because the anti-siphon part of the valve leaks). Now I just have to figure out how to get the lid off. (I started another topic to ask for help before I found this old one ... ) Apparently I'm supposed to be able to just unscrew it like a jar lid, but I can't budge it. It's plastic. Do I get a big ol channel lock pliers and grab it and turn? I don't want to break something ...




Tuesday, June 5th 2018, 11:35pm

3 of 6 Zones Do Not Work

Hey There, I am in desperate need of assistants.

When I turned on my sprinklers this year, 3 of the 6 zones I have did not work.
I tried everything I could think of. I went as far as cutting the center of the diaphragm out to allow the water to flow directly and no water is flowing into any of the 3 zones. I tried removing the valve top and shoot water in through one of the sprinkler heads. It allowed water to flow through each of the sprinkler heads within the zone, but that was it.

I forgot to weatherize system through the winter and live in a sandy area. I have not seen any water surfacing. I am not sure what to do. I am at a lost.



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Tuesday, June 5th 2018, 11:57pm

Hi Scott, start a new thread please. I'd be happy to help. You've resurrected a post from 11 years ago. Thanks!

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