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Wednesday, March 26th 2008, 8:55pm

Controller with mist feature

I plan on buying a controller for a simple system that runs on well water. However, when I used the well last summer, I found out it does not have enough supply. What I had was a timer with a mist function, which turns the water on for 2 minuts and off for 4, which allowed the well to catch up.

Can someone tell me if there are controllers out there with such a function, or something similar? I will have a total of 4 zones, I plan on watering 2 zones a night, about 3 hours each on mist. Which will be equal to about 1 hour continuous.

Thanks for your help.


Thursday, March 27th 2008, 10:07am

I think I found 1

I think the weathermatic model has this "soak" feature, which I can use to turn off the water for 1 min to 2 hours. This will allow the well to catch up.

Does anyone have any actual experience using this feature? I think it will work.


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Thursday, March 27th 2008, 8:02pm

It may cause your pump to go out early.
I would check with your well guy or girl, and get some advice from him to see if he or she would recommend that type of operation. There is a pump for everything and maybe yours can handle that type of action, but maybe not.
When designing a sprinkler system around a pump one of the ideas to keep in mind is to prevent the well from starting and stopping. It sounds like you are going against what many pumps can endure.
I hope this was helpful.

Dan Todd
Maybe if you have four zones you can run 1 zone every 4 days, I don't know if that would help or not. your material to irrigate may need more frequent watering, but you can get the idea.
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