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Saturday, August 4th 2007, 4:24am


Currently I have a Toro controller which is 17 years old operating my system which has 9 stations-one station is on a drip line. Timer can be set for AM start and operate properly including shuting off-but then starts again in PM using time set for AM start. I am thinking about replacing it with SRC-900i-Hunter SRC plus series.
Question--will this work and how difficult is it to install? If not what replacement should I consider?



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Saturday, August 4th 2007, 6:57am

It sounds like your controller is indoors. Let me just say you've named my favorite controller. I have many customers with that clock.
It's simple to program and trouble free. Stick with that model. Just pay close attention to the wires and you'll have no problems installing the new one. Number them one at a time when you disconnect them. Using masking tape works real well. Or if they're color coordinated just write down the sequence. Nothing to it. Good luck!
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