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Thursday, June 21st 2007, 3:59pm


I have valves on my sprinkler system that are 15-16 years old that need rebuilt. The valves have no manufacturer's name - only the number 204 on top. The sprinkler heads are Rainbird and Hunter but I do not see any valves on either of their websites that look like mine. I realize the design has probably changed. How do I go about finding if rebuild kits are available for these?


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Friday, June 22nd 2007, 5:26am

If the valve cover is secured by 8 screws, with a stainless steel strip underneath, then they are Richdel R204 valves, and serviceable forever. The valve is now known as the 205. If you need to rebuild, it's often easier to just replace the 'guts' and not worry about finding individual parts.

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