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Thursday, June 7th 2007, 1:17pm

Backflow Device

I have a 4 station system at this time which I'm currently running via ball valves. everything is 3/4 sch 40 pipe.

I've never measured the pressure but it'll power 5 big heads at once if I wish.

I'll hook up an automatic system later as well.

I'll probably add in the drip that's already in polypipe around the yard.

this is a residential set-up in Texas where I'm not too concerned with freezing. I get 29 deg for a few days only.

which <i><b>back-up device </b></i>will fit my needs best? and which of these two has less problems?

the Febco 765 for $66
or should I get the 850 for $10 more.
or the Wilkins 720? $62
Is it ok to use the <i><b>1 " vs the 3/4"</b></i> ?



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Thursday, June 7th 2007, 4:32pm

If the elevation requirements can be met, a PVB is what I'd be recommending, and a Wilkins 720 is more durable than a Febco.


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Thursday, June 7th 2007, 5:17pm


Pretty much flat land...

What if I want to bring a drip into this? should I use its own ball valve to tweak it for now?

I'll have 3 ball valves for the sprinkler heads and a drip valve for small trees and the wifes flowers

<i><b>Is the Wilkins 1" ok all of my pipe is 3/4 sch 40 in the ground?</b></i>

All will go to auto later...

please advise


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Friday, June 8th 2007, 2:48am

1 inch is no problem - anything downstream will be protected


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Friday, June 8th 2007, 5:03pm

Hey Wet...

I'll take your advise and go with the Wilkins. I'm getting all the sch 40 and heads etc tweaked and I'll be ready to mount the wilkins next weekend if It comes in. I'll use the ball valves for now.

Once everything is looking good I'll move to a controller etc. later...


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