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Monday, May 28th 2007, 12:35am

1 of 4 zones working

I just insatlled a 4 zone rainbird controller. After install I manually turned on each zone and all is well. I programmed it and it worked fine. I noticed today (a few weeks after install) that only zone 1 works. The controller shows it is changing zones but when zones 2-4 are on the zone does not work. No water at all. I think I have multiple valves I see 2 boxes (1 on each side of the house). Anyone help me get started on troubleshooting this?



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Monday, May 28th 2007, 8:29am

When mutiple valves don't work all of a sudden the first thing I look for is a disconnected ground wire. You say there's two boxes. Is there 1 valve in 1 box and 3 valves in the other? Check at the controller. Is there two ground wires? One may have come loose. On occasion someone's shut the water off to the valves. Good luck!
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Monday, May 28th 2007, 9:46am

As Mr. Fixit stated, the common (or ground) wire is usually to blame when multiple valve go down at once. Check all the commons on all the valves. You usually find the problem there.
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