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Friday, April 6th 2007, 5:09am

Tubing Question

Good morning.

What size tubing will fit the following item:
Xeri-Bubbler - 8 Streams

Thanks in advance!


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Friday, April 6th 2007, 12:37pm

Your SXB-360-SPYK has a 1/4" barb inlet, so 1/4" distribution tubing should be used to connect to your 1/2" or 3/4" drip tube.


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Saturday, April 7th 2007, 2:33am


Thanks for your response to my question.

I have a 2 follow-up questions though:

What do I use to connect the 1/2'' tubing to the 1/4'' tubing?
What size tubing will connect to my water source(in my case, the hose spicket)?

Thanks in advance!


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Saturday, April 7th 2007, 5:48am

IF you are using 1/2" drip tubing (thin stuff to allow emmitters to be punched into the tubing), then the maker of your tubing likely makes a connector to transition from hose spicket to tubing. Usually, this is a part of a set that would include a pressure reducer, a simple backflow preventer, filter, and 1/2" tubing connection that all connects up to your hose spicket.

The transition of 1/2" tubing to 1/4" tubing is done via double barb fittings. The 1/4" tubing slides over one barb, and the other barb is punched through the 1/2" drip tubing.

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