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Tuesday, March 13th 2007, 3:44pm

sticking valves

I believe I have Nelson 9100 valves. I live in the sandhills in Kansas and I think the valves are getting sand in them and sticking open. I am on a well too. Do I need to take the top of the valve and flush it? How do I flush it to make sure the sand is gone? My grass is getting thirsty [:D]


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Tuesday, March 13th 2007, 4:44pm

If I recall the valve correctly, all you will need to do is loosen the four bolts / screws on the top of the valve. Then give it a twist, and then pull up. From there you can pull the diaphragm out from the bonnet of the valve (the top piece), careful, there is a spring in there (not a real strong one, just a warning so you don't loose it). Closely examine and rinse off with warm water and replace. That should be the sum of cleaning a diaphragm.

The other thing to look at would be the solenoids. Carefully unscrew them and flush with some water as well. Small particles and sand can get caught in the plunger assembly and can cause the solenoid to stick in the open position. Also as with the diaphragm, when unscrewing the solenoid, be careful not to loose the plunger and spring (this also depends on how old the valves are and weather they are the new style or old style solenoids),

Best of luck!
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Wednesday, March 14th 2007, 3:50am

Install a strainer in the supply line (you might need a larger size, depending on your well's flow)

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