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Tuesday, January 9th 2007, 4:11am

How to increase water pressure.

I have a question about adding more water pressure in my well system. I have and 1.5 acres of land with a house in the middle. I need to get an irrigation system up and running. The well pump provides less than adequate water pressure. How can I increase the water pressure to my 10 zones.



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Tuesday, January 9th 2007, 8:25am

You can usually adjust the pressure switch that controls the pump, and get more pressure that way, but do keep an eye on things, so that you don't exceed the pressure rating of the storage tank.


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Tuesday, January 23rd 2007, 9:16am

You may have too many heads per zone. does you pump come on and stay on during watering? If so what kind of pressure reading are you getting while each zone is on? I have a lot of experience with this type of system and If I have more info i can help you.



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Wednesday, January 24th 2007, 5:16am

Sounds like you have an older system..

Have you checked for leaks?

The pipe sizes may be too small also.

What is the outlet pressure at the pump?

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