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Thursday, October 12th 2006, 4:03pm

Anti-siphon valves

****o, I have a question about anti-siphon valves. I installed my valves 10-12" above my highest lawn sprinkler heads(when in the closed position).I have a 3rd zone that goes just to flowerbeds and will run bubblers, drip lines, and shrub heads atop 18-24" schedule 80 nipples. Some of these are around the height of my anti-siphon valves. Getting to the point, do only lawn sprinkler heads apply to the valve height rule? Thanks.



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Thursday, October 12th 2006, 5:37pm

Hi there, here's a quote:

"PVB's must be installed such that the water supply to the sprinkler system goes through the PVB before supplying the sprinkler system valves. Furthermore, the device must be installed at least 12 inches or more above the highest sprinkler head or shrub riser."

It's the same for ASV's. But check with the city for local codes.

Good luck!

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Thursday, October 12th 2006, 6:37pm

Atmospheric vacuum breakers need to be at least half a foot higher than the highest pipe or head downstream of the device. Do not fudge on this.

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