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Friday, June 30th 2006, 1:46pm

Valve replacement

Hi---I am going to have to replace 3 valves on a system that is 24 yrs old. I have no idea what brand of valves are in place now---can't find a name on the first one I have dug up. I think I might just have to replace the diaphragm but I don't think I can determine the maker--plus it's so old! So, I have read your advice as to what brand to buy---and I am resigned to digging more in our rock hard ground---but my next important question is---how do I determine the diameter of the pipe? It is plastic--the valve is metal. Thanks for any help you can offer. You can probably tell I am a complete novice---but willing to try this--and to learn.


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Friday, June 30th 2006, 1:55pm

Photographs, if you can, would help out immensely.

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