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Sunday, June 18th 2006, 5:10pm

Well vs City; presure

I'll try to make this short. City water is $0.01/gal. I have a Rain-Bird system. 7 active zones, 2 programs. I put a well in that started out with 12 gpm, now is around 8 gpm. I changed most of the sprinkler heads to 8' (1 gpm). My problem is pressure. If I set my A program for zone 1, it's OK but when it transitions to 3, the heads do not pop up. Same if I have program B for zones 5,6,7. 5 comes on but when it transitions to 6, the head don't pop. If I advance program B from 5 to 6 to 7 then off. The start on 6, the zone works. It just won't go from one zone to the next and maintain pressure. When a zone is on, the pressure is 20-25. The pressure read 10 when on a zone that is not popping up. I've shut head off to try to limit the number of sprinklers in a zone, but then I'm not getting enough watering. I'm considering adding a new control box that would allow me to have 4 programs, which I could then set the important zones to start rather than transition. Does this makes sense?


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Monday, June 19th 2006, 5:44am

Are your zone valves the kind with flow controls? They should be.

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