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Tuesday, May 23rd 2006, 3:54am

Valve replacement

I am replacing/upgrading valves on my residential 6 zone system that is 12 years old. The 1 1/2" poly pipe brings water from a stock pond (water is filtered but still has some aglae in it). Currently I have Irritrol series 700 3/4" valves and the poly pipe out to the sprinkler heads is 3/4". Now I want to replace valves with 1" size because those larger valves have more features like flow control and internal scrubbers. Question? Can I use bushings 1" to 3/4" in both inlet and outlet sides of the valve without affecting the operation of the valve?


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Tuesday, May 23rd 2006, 3:23pm

yes u can


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Tuesday, May 23rd 2006, 6:23pm

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