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Saturday, May 20th 2006, 4:27pm

Which heads

I have any area that is 36x22. I have two zones for this area but im unsure of which rainbird heads i should use. I was thinking 3 3500 along the back 1 in each corner and 1 in the center. The mirror image on the other side. Would this be ok or should i use something else?


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Sunday, May 21st 2006, 4:24am

That would work...make sure that the nozzles are matched...for example:

If you use the 1.5 nozzles for the 90 degree heads, make sure you use the 3.0 nozzles for the 180 degree heads..they have 2x as much area to cover and will take twice as long to make the rotation, therefore, they need twice as much water leaving the nozzle.

I think I would set the 90 degree nozzles to shoot 22 feet, using the 1 gallon nozzle and set the 180 degree heads to shoot to the corners on their side (18feet) using the 2 gallon nozzle.

You could also use the Hunter PGJ head which is similiar to the 3500....good luck.
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Sunday, May 21st 2006, 4:56am

I gotta disagree. The half nozzle is covering a 508 square foot area (throwing 18')while the corner nozzle is covering 380 square feet (throwing 22'. The half nozzle only has to be 1.35 times the size of the corner nozzle.

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