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Thursday, May 11th 2006, 2:13am

Hunter Pro C controller

I have set up the controller with 4 zones. Set the run time for 30 minutes and dwell time for 30 minutes with a 15 minute delay between each zone. The controller activates when it is suppose to but continues to cycle untill I manually turn it off. Once I return it to run mode it doesn't activate untill the next time it is suppose to by then continues to cycle again. Any suggestions.



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Wednesday, May 17th 2006, 10:50am

Not sure what you mean by dwell time and not sure why you wait 15 minutes between zones, but my first guess would be to check the start times you have in each program. (controller has, I think, 4 start times for each program (A B C)). Hunter's help line is 877-865-2578.

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