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Friday, April 21st 2006, 6:26am

trade shows/seminars

I was wondering if there is any type of irrigation/sprinkler trade shows? Also another question I have is do any of the companies ie:orbit, rainbird etc offer any type of training for the installation of their products? (i'm new in the business)
Any info greatly appreciated...


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Saturday, April 22nd 2006, 3:21pm

Most of the large companies offer some type of training for their products. I am a Hunter Preferred Contractor, and I attend training seminars with them annually. I know Toro and Rainbird do something similar. As for the trade shows, not too sure in Canada, your best bet it to talk to a local irrigation distributor, or check online.
Tony Posey
Ridge Run Landscapes


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Sunday, April 23rd 2006, 8:21am

thanks for the info...As far as trade shows go, it doesn't really matter if the show is in canada. I could attend anywhere in the U.S. I know of a equipment show this past year in orlando but I was hoping there was a more specific show to attend for irrigation contractors.


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Monday, April 24th 2006, 6:26pm

Rainbird offers lots of training. Talk to your local supplier for more information.

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