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Friday, April 7th 2006, 9:48am

Sprinkler head connection

I am currently preparing to install a sprinkler system in my front yard. My question is this:

I will be running a 1" main of poly piple. I will have (4) Hunter I20 heads operating about 2GPM each. The I20 has a 3/4" NPT connection point. I really liked the "Funny Pipe" for use in connecting the heads but I am not certain if it will provide enough flow to the head. My supply will be coming directly off of my well pump and will be operating at a pressure of near 55 psi at the head of pump when pump is operating. I will only have 4 heads in the zone. I find funny pipe in 1/2" size but not anything near 3/4".

What is the best suggestion for a connection such as this. You comments will be appreciated.


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Friday, April 7th 2006, 10:47am

1/2" funny pipe will work fine, just get the fittings with the 3/4" threads

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