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Thursday, March 30th 2006, 2:17pm

New system

I have a very irregular shaped lot approx. 1 acre in size located in southern Delaware. I am having a well drilled before I get a sprinkler contractor. Well guy says he can install 1 1/2 H.P. pump into 4 inch casing with well depth approx. 70 feet. He says that will be sufficient to supply 5 or 6 zones using 5 to 6 rotors per zone. The supply line to the zone manifold will be 1 1/4" running 100 feet from well head to manifold. Is this sufficient? Anyone have a ballpark estimate of what I should expect to pay srinkler contractor for this installation? Will be getting estimates in a couple of weeks.Thanks.


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Thursday, March 30th 2006, 10:25pm

Offhand, I'd say you want a larger supply line, depending on whether the drawdown level is 70 feet, or maybe less. Drawdown level gives you the point from which you can read a pump performance curve. You can probably expect at least 20 gpm from the well. The well driller should supply you with all the relevant information. An undersized supply pipe will cost you water pressure, pressure that you're paying for. Any additional cost is a one-time expense. The energy savings are forever. Make it 1 1/2" at a minimum.

A very rough ballpark estimate for an acre lot would be 6 thousand.

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