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Bob Clarke

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Thursday, December 22nd 2005, 11:31am

Imperial Valet Timer sick

I have a Imperial Valet timer with 11 stations. My problem is the timer will not start the automatic cycle. The clock works fine, I can turn on the valves either semi automatically and manually. I noticed the reset button will not stay in. I checked each station for a short with no results. Could use some advise or who might handle diagnosing my problem here in Fullerton, Ca.

Thanks Bob


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Thursday, December 22nd 2005, 1:14pm

The Imperial Valet runs on 110 volt circuitry, so it's not a controller to casually play around with. Are the threaded timer pins at all loose? They have to be firmly in place to activate the microswitches, and those microswitches are one item to consider as being responsible for a malfunction such as you describe.

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