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Thursday, October 13th 2005, 5:49am

Help with design.

I am going to attempt to install my own system. Last year we had toro online do a design for us, but it was horrendous to understand. I want to start from scratch.

I have a well. To get my water pressure and GPM, should I measure the water coming out of the tap outside? I have a tap off my pressure tank that bypasses the water softener, should I use this?

I have read a TON here and it has been very helpful!!

Thanks in advance.


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Friday, October 14th 2005, 7:14pm

Im not sure if that is the best method. I would check to see what pump you have and whats its rated. I would also check with the company that put in the well to find out how much you can pump out of it during a time period. I think I remember when the guy put in our well he said that we hit an underground spring or something and we had a very highflow rate.

but he also mentioned something about if you draw more than this per day or hour the well could go dry... so you might want to check with the people who put in the well to make sure you are good to go... just a thought..


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