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Tuesday, July 5th 2005, 2:07pm

Sprinklers and Lawn Tractor....?

I have a system composed of RB 5000 Plus rotors. My lawn is big enough that i need a lawn tractor to get it done. My question is, will running over the heads ruin them. I try to avoid them when possible, but sometimes when i space off i do run them over. Any input from you guys greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Tuesday, July 5th 2005, 5:27pm

So long as they are installed properly, and level with the grade, you should be alright running them over. We run them over quite a bit with our mowers and never seem to have a problem with them. It is the heads that are installed to high above the grade that are a problem. I wouldn't worry about trying to avoid them all that much.
Tony Posey
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