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Thursday, June 23rd 2005, 6:22am

Dressage arena

I am trying to layout coverage of a 20x40 meter dressage arena and I need some help. I want to build this myself but I am having trouble laying it out because I have to take into account 2 things at this point. one is that the spinklers will be 16 feet in the air pointing downward. The second is that I don't know how much saturation each part of a 360 degree circular sprinkler give. What I mean is cann I assume 50% more saturation of water withing the first half of the sprinklers radius? Or should I assume 25% more saturation. what would the saturation levels be as you go fuirther out in the arc.

1-5ft 5gal/min
5-10ft 3.5gal/min
10-15ft 1.5gal/min

If I am using the wrong teerminolgy please let me know.

Also if there are any web resouces that would help me layout everything that would be greatly appreciated.



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Thursday, June 23rd 2005, 2:52pm

It doesn't matter if the sprinklers are sixteen feet in the air. Sprinklers designed to run upside down may be hard to find. Sprinklers that spray out at a flat angle aren't so hard to find. They probably still make brass impact heads that will do that (agricultural sprinkler heads, which are often mounted very high)


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Friday, June 24th 2005, 4:22am

There are very definitely sprinklers designed for greenhouse use that are meant to be mounted upside down. Check out something like for some information on one manufacturer's product. Unfortunately, I don't have any real experience with agricultural irrigation, and I'm not sure if anyone on the board realy does. Good luck.

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