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Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 1:25am

Rotator Sprays not working after winter

Dear Forum,

I live in Germany and I have built an irrigation system using PE pipe along with clamp saddles and flexible pipe for Hunter Pro Spray connection.
There are 3 zones, of which two work after the winter break and one of the zone doesn't. The pop up sprinklers don't come up.

I already checked the valve boxed which is okay. I shut down each sprinkler with a shut off cap and let the water flow. There was a water loss of 6,6 gph / 25l/hour without showing any major wet areas. The next step would be to dig along the main line, find the clamp saddles and check for any leckage.
Before doing that, do you have any hints? Anything to check before?

Thanks in advance for helping out.



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Wednesday, May 8th 2019, 1:13am

If the valve is on and flowing but the sprinklers don't work, there must be a breach in the line somewhere. Let it run longer and keep looking. Might take 1/2 hour to show itself. Sometimes the leak is under cement and shows itself a long way from the area where the sprinklers are. Sometimes the water goes down a gopher hole and comes up in the neighbors yard. Sometimes the pipes are deep and the ground is sandy so it takes a long time to show. Look for dark green spots in the lawn from it getting more water than the rest.


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Wednesday, May 8th 2019, 8:13am

Thanks for the hints - I found a leckage, indeed. The fitting at the end of the line was losing some 25l/hour.
Unfortunately this didn't solve the pressure or layout issue. Last year, everything worked, this year, there must be some kind of drop of pressure in the public supply system.
What do you think about the following methods in order to get the zone up and running again:

- insert 30 PSI spray bodies instead of 40 PSI

- connect the inner and outer end of the main line of the zone in order to get a closed loop


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Wednesday, May 15th 2019, 1:24am

So, I closed the loop, but it didn't change anything. Obviously there is less water pressure in the main line compared to when the system was built.
What di you think, would it help to use 30PSI pressure Spray bodies? Would that lead to a better distribution of the pressure in the system, or will there be no effect?

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