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Friday, February 8th 2019, 10:28am

Intermittent lose of prime every other day or every other week.

I have this pump that was left off for about 4 month and when put back to work there was no prime. Primed the pump with guzzler and found a leak on the pump inlet so I installed a new nipple on inlet to stop the leak. everything looked good. Excellent pressure, no indications of air entering the system, no fluctuations in pressure. Couple of weeks later the system lost prime again. Primed the pump and everything looked good. Changed the check valve since it was old. 3 days later pump lost prime again. Right at this point I'm checking for possible cracks on impeller housing (since it is one of those plastic flowtecs) but no leaks are apparent.

Since the pressure is perfect and there is no signs of air been sucked into the system and there is no regular time frame in between prime loses I assume there is no cracks or lose joints in the suction line. Now, since a new check valve was installed, and it appear to be holding prime and the system was left inoperative for about 4 month, it would be right to assume that this is happening as a result of collapses of the well's walls which in turn will send sand up the suction leaving some of it at the check valve preventing it from closing at the moment the system stops the cycle ?? Running out of ideas.

Also, in one occasion I removed the hose bib to measure the level of water inside the impeller housing and found it was 4 fingers under the level of the pumps inlet, so instead of using the guzzler, I used a hose to bring it back to level and turned the system on and prime was recovered right away, which tells me there was water on the suction, therefore, cracks on the suction are not likely to be the cause.

Is a mechanical system with an intermatic timer and a 1" 6 zone fimco indexing valve. Also, one of the zones have only one hunter pgp rotor. Wandering if the one rotor zone will affect the functioning of the system in any other way other than contributing to the early failure of the indexing valve.

Any suggestions and info will be appreciated. Thanks.
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