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Sunday, November 18th 2018, 8:23pm

Losing prime if hose bib is not left open

I am having a weird issue. System has worked fine for a over a year until recently. Problem now is Zone 1 will start and run as normal, as soon as zone 2 starts, it starts normally and then begins to lose pressure rapidly and will completely shut down and the pump will lose prime. After priming again, the only way I have found to keep it running through all zones is to open the hose bib right above the pump, the hose bib will keep a very strong stream and each zone (5) will work fine, good pressure even with the hose bib open. If I close the hose bib at any time it’s like the system chokes out/loses pressure no matter which zone it is in and the pump will prime. Any ideas what may be causing this??


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Monday, November 19th 2018, 10:41am

If your current setup is dead-heading the pump, then your workaround with the open hose bib can stay in place. A pressure tank could take its place, but they cost money.

Have you changed the controller since the system was installed? Dead-heading is not what you plan for, unless you know it won't be a problem.

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