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Sunday, July 15th 2018, 7:53am

my irrigation design

I'm about ready to purchase all the parts for my irrigation system. Each square on the diagram represents 20x20 ft, to make about 13,000 sqft. I have a static pressure of 80psi, but dynamic of approx 65. 1" galvanized pipe main, but 5/8 meter. 15.5 gal on bucket test from spigot, but limiting myself to 15gal/min based on meter size and the age of the main being 40yrs old.

The portion at the top is a 5' slope

My thoughts are to use pressure regulating, check valve Hunter I20's with mostly short radius nozzles. I considered the PGJ's, but based on warranty, I'm guessing the I20 is much more reliable

For valves, I was thinking Weathermatic 21000 to hopefully last a lifetime. Is this complete overkill?

1" T-style 100 mesh filter

Poly pipe except for mains

I already have a Femco 765 PVB in place, but it is below my highest sprinkler heads in the back yard. Do I have to bite the bullet and replace with a reduced pressure backflow preventer?

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