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Friday, September 17th 2004, 1:18pm

funny pipe

I'm installing a system with 1" poly, I 20 Hunter rotors and would like to use Funny Pipe. I'm concerned about using 1/2" funny pipe and barb fittings connecting to a 3/4" rotor fitting will be too flow restricting. Are there other alternatives that would be less flow restrictive? 3/4" Funny pipe?


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Tuesday, September 21st 2004, 10:55am

you shouldnt be running more than 3' of funning pipe anyways. This will not effect your flow


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Wednesday, September 22nd 2004, 5:08am

What is the reason be hind not going over 3'. I sometimes will run funnypipe inside my 1" and then pull out the 1" to save some digging putting on a tee. It donesn't seem to restrict the performance... Let me know if this is a big deal.


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