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Wednesday, September 15th 2004, 9:06am


I am planning on using rainbird 1804's, but im undecided on which Company's nozzles to use. Are all nozzles created alike?


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Thursday, September 16th 2004, 4:55am


all nozzles are not created alike.....I would suggest buying Rainbird nozzles and Hunter nozzles.....put a temporary sprinkler head in on some pavement or cement driveway would be better....then run each of them and watch the pattern produced. You will like one or the other better I'm sure.

also..each of these brands work differently depending on the arc of the nozzle and the size of the nozzle. 12 footers work differnt than 15 footers. Also, the Variable arc nozzles from both of these manufacturers differ greatly in perfomanc as well.

Opinion only...mine I mean.

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Thursday, September 16th 2004, 9:06am

my nozzle range is from 8ft to 15 ft with vans and 180 spray patterns.I will look at rainbird and hunter. thanks for your post

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