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Monday, July 2nd 2018, 4:38pm

Zones 1-6 don't work but 7-11 work fine

I have a Rainbird ESP12-LX+ unit and just discovered after running in TEST mode, that zones/stations 1-6 do not work, but 7-11 work fine. Any idea on what I can check? Any info will be appreciated.



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Monday, July 2nd 2018, 7:35pm

Either someone turned the water off to the 1-6 valves or the common wire is disconnected somewhere.
Go out to the valves and see if you can turn one on manually to verify the water is on. While you're there look for a loose common wire. It's usually the white wire but it could be anything. There's a good chance it's the same color as the wire hooked up to the common terminal on the controller.
Also look to see if the common wire came loose from the controller.

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