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Thursday, June 28th 2018, 4:48pm

Question on nozzles and getting the proper height of the flow.

Rainbird 5000. Can someone explain what nozzles do? Do they just restrict the flow of water from n gal/min to .5gal/min or do they adjust the type of spray you get?
I need to increase the height of my spray. The head comes up a good four or five inches above the turf but the water seems to come out almost horizontally. I want it to go higher, not be four feet off the ground for the whole way!
Is my issue one of the proper nozzle or some other adjustment? (I've tried the front screw that supposedly restricts the radius of the spray and that gives a different type of spray but doesn't help my height issue.


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Friday, June 29th 2018, 6:00pm

I can't believe no one knows this answer




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Friday, June 29th 2018, 9:58pm

You must have a low angle nozzle in the rotor. I've found that the Rainbird's shoot very high.
Try googling nozzle charts. Or 5000 nozzle. You'll see the different types.
Yes the nozzles change the flow rates, angles and spray patterns depending.

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