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Thursday, September 9th 2004, 12:54pm

Drains wtih Poly

I am running 1" poly in my yard and was told by a contractor that drain valves were not needed. Their basis, I beleive, was based upon:

1. Running poly and poly will flex if any residual water is left
2. I am running off of a secondary water supply which is typically turned off on October 15th.
3. My lines are about 8" - 12" deep.

What are your thoughts... I plan on installing the lines this weekend.



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Saturday, September 11th 2004, 3:36am

I like drains but they are not necessary. When yoyur water supply gets turned off in the fall you will need to blow out the lines regardless of if you have drains or not. The arguement for not using drains is they are just one more thing to fail.


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