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Saturday, June 23rd 2018, 2:04pm

Zone numbers no longer correspond to original designations.

I have a RainBird ESP-6 Si with 6 stations. Last Summer (2017) it went crazy, and numbers and zones got all mixed up - e.g., 1=4, 2=5, etc. I replaced the fuse, but still the zones and numbers did not correspond. I just made a new list, and went from there.

This year when I turned on the system for the summer, the original zone-number designation had returned.

Now it is messed up again, and one zone doesn't work at all.

Anyone else with this experience? Advice? Solutions?

Thanks. ?(

(Later) -- Not only do the zones not correspond to how they were set, but now testing them by advancing them produces a different result each time. Today #1 didn't work at first, then became zone 3, #2 was 5, then 6, 3 was 5, then 1, etc.

I called support at Rainbird, and the support person said, "Sounds like an electrical problem." Surely someone out there can do better than that. :wacko:

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