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Sunday, August 25th 2002, 7:49pm

Imperial Valet Timer problem

My IVT 24-hour clock consistently stops at 12:00 midnite. If I manually rotate it past this point the system again works fine until it gets to 12:00 midnite where it again stops. Obviously I would suspect problem is in the 24-hour clock unit, but I have not yet taken anything apart. A local company has told me that Imperial Co. is no longer in business. Could you help me troubleshoot and/or find repair part(s) for this unit (6/11 station). I cannot find any other model or part numbers on unit. Thanks for your efforts, Buster99ranger.


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Sunday, August 22nd 2004, 12:05pm

I have an Imperial Valet Timer and need some replacement parts for the dial. It was turned the wrong way and the a few of the tips on the back of each zone, which trips the zone, are broken. Any way to replace them?

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