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Thursday, August 19th 2004, 6:42am

anemic pop up sprayers

Last year I had a system put in. My pop up sprayers all seem to not be putting out like they should. The heads are Nelson (12' nozzles). This weekend I went to Home Depot and bought 3 generic pop up sprayers (12' nozzles) and put them in place of 3 of the Nelsons. The generic ones work awesome, the Nelsons just suck. I thought maybe my pressure was low, because the Nelson heads barely pop up and cover only about half of the area they should. Since the generic one's work so well I think it is the heads. What could be going on? Should I just junk all the Nelson heads and forget that I may have a problem? I have flushed the system. I haven't found any leaks.


Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:26am

Look at cleaning out your nozzels and filters on the Nelsons. Dental floss works well on the nozzles while the system is running. Wear your swimsuit!

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