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Thursday, June 14th 2018, 7:23am

Main supply Line for future sprinkler-Advice needed


I need a little advice.

I live on two acres and don’t have a sprinkler system yet, but will in the future. I ultimately want to irrigate about 1 acre around
the house.

Here’s my scenario:

I’m building a new garage on my property and the plumbers just trenched a 200+ foot trench to run water from the water meter to the garage. It was just inspected and today I still have a deep open trench.

Would it be okay to run about 150 feet of PVC in the trench for a future sprinkler system main line. I would just cap it off on both ends.

If so, what size line would you recommend? I am handy with all things metal and automotive, but not plumbing.

Thanks in advance.


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Thursday, June 14th 2018, 7:33am

One more thing. The plumbers ran a 3/4 Pex line to my garage.should I use Pex or PVC for the sprinkler line?

They ran a 3/4” line to my garage. Would that be big enough to tap into for my future sprinkler system?

Thanks for your patience, I’m a newbie just trying to save from trenching the whole yard there again and maybe save a little effort when installing my future irrigation system.

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