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Saturday, August 7th 2004, 5:51am

Valve Manifold Design

I am looking to install my own large sprinkler system. I have had a professional landscape person design the irrigation system and now I am off to install. I have searched the web for information and design ideas for building the valve manifolds. I am using Rainbird anti-siphon 1" valves. Does anyong have specs on how tall the risers should be and how far apart each valve should be? Just looking to see what other have done. I do want to keep the valve groups in valve boxs so I thing 4 or 5 to a large box might work?
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks;
Mike Lehrer


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Monday, August 9th 2004, 5:46am

As far as how tall the risers should be, you just have to make sure the valve is 6" (or is it a foot) above the highest spray. As for spacing, I've heard 6" appart so that you have room to make repairs later.

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