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Tuesday, June 12th 2018, 4:03pm

My spray heads won't pop up

I have a lawn that’s approx 45 x 45. I also have a strip bed of azaleas approx 45’ x 2’, and a row of trees approx the same size. The area is covered by two zones.

Zone 1 encompasses three spray heads on trees which are turned off (the trees are mature), plus 4 Rainbird 5000 rotors.

Zone 2 consists of 5 Rainbird 5000 rotors (one of which is turned off – there’s no check valve and my wife, not realizing that was the issue, had it turned off), and 4 Hunter spray heads on some azaleas.

My problem is that only one of the Hunter spray heads on the azaleas pops up. There doesn’t appear to be enough pressure (I’m guessing) to push the others up (they are at the end of the line). I realize that the ideal solution would be to reconfigure the entire yard, but rather than re-running
all the lines, would switching out the Rainbird Rotors for MP Rotators (or Rainbird equivalents) reduce the water consumption sufficiently to allow the Hunter spray heads to pop up?
What if I used Pressure Reducing heads? I’m also assuming that, since it’s all one lawn area I’m talking about, I would have to switch out the Rotors in both zones, right? (And I’d use check valves like it should have been done in the first place.)

Too complex a question?

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