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Tuesday, July 27th 2004, 6:54pm

low point drain

I've installed sprinklers where the manifold is at the low point of the yard, with auto drain valves just after the manifold. Problem is, the ground is hard pan, and water isn't soaking in. I have a french drain about 12 feet away and 1 foot higher - should I put a sump pump below the drain valves and run it to the french drain?

I looked at sumps at Home Depot today and they're big and over $100 - it seems like overkill to me. I've seen boat bilge pumps with auto switches for under $20, but they're 12 volt. Any recommendations?


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Wednesday, July 28th 2004, 5:05am

SOunds to technical. WHy dont you just extend the end of the manifold and drain closer to your french drain


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Wednesday, July 28th 2004, 9:49am

Duh on me! Thanks for the simple answer!

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