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Sunday, May 20th 2018, 8:31am

backflow preventer gushing water from the bottom


I have a well to supply my sprinkler and drinking water. This system has a back flow preventor, watts 3/4" 009M3-QT, and is gushing water whenever the sprinkler system is off.

The gushing of water started happening after replacing the 3/4hp well pump with a constant pressure system that maintains 70psi. I tried using pressure reducing valve but it didn't work.

Is there another type of backflow preventer I should be using? or is there something that need to be added to my sprinkler sprinkler system to reduce the higher pressure?

Thank you


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Friday, May 25th 2018, 11:49pm

Most likely what happened is some trash got into the line and contaminated the backflow, in which case it starts to dump water.

You can open up the backflow and see if anything is obstructing the plunger. When you put it back together try closing the discharge side of the backflow then open the inlit side of the backflow as soon as possible this will allow the water to seal the plunger as quickly as possible.

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