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Wednesday, May 16th 2018, 11:14pm

Zone lost pressure

I changed all the sprinkler heads in one of my zones. 3 K Rain - 3/4” rotators and 5 Hunter PGP 1/2” rotators. They were working well except I wasn’t getting the coverage I wanted in one spot. I added another 1/2” rotator and the water pressure went way down. I removed that sprinkler and capped it. Turned it back on and my water pressure is worse than before I added a 9th sprinkler head; 2 of the sprinkler heads don’t even come up now. All of my other zones have no problem. Just this one zone out of 4. I have a Gould’s GT15. I am considering purchasing a 2HP pump to get more pressure/gpm etc.

Also if it matters I converted my 6 zone indexing valve to 4 electric valves so those are pretty new. Added pump start relay and Rachio 2 controller.

maybe someone here has some advice.

Thank you

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