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Thursday, June 17th 2004, 4:07pm

Cannot identify valve make

The solenoid on one of my zone control valves is not working - the plunger shaft falls out when I take it off and I notice the compression spring is missing. The previous home owner must have tampered with it. I just cannot determine what make valve it is. It is in the ground and the only markings on the valve are 9-6328 and F86. The solenoid has an oval base and attaches to the top of the valve (off to one side) with two screws - it has no threaded round piece at the bottom that just screws on like the replacement ones I see everywhere. Can anybody help me please so I can find a solenoid?


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Thursday, June 17th 2004, 5:50pm

This seems to be a Toro 250/260 valve. Pick up a replacement solenoid for this type of valve and you will be set. Make sure that you install the o-ring from the existing solenoid. The replacement does not come with one. I hope that helps.

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