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Saturday, May 12th 2018, 7:45pm

All 4 sections control 1 zone w/controller

I have an Orbit 27956 controller/sprinkler timer.
4 sections are installed.
All 4 sections on controller turn on at scheduled time.
Problem is, for each section I set up, only section 1 turns on in its place.
Example: sections 2-4 come on at scheduled time, however it’s section 1 where the water actually comes out. For ALL zones.
I recently spliced a cut main (direct bury) 18 wire, was careful to match all wires and spliced with grease caps.
I also switched most of the wires in the main box to grease caps since they were previously held with non-waterproof caps.
I was extremely careful to match all wires as they previously were (I swapped them one at a time), and I ensured all wires had proper contact before capping.
Please help!



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Saturday, May 12th 2018, 10:09pm

I've never tried this before but try switching the number 1 wire with the common wire at the controller and see what happens. Maybe they're mixed up. I'm not sure what's going to happen.
It's a wiring problem though. Maybe there's more damaged wires out there.

Did you mess with the wiring at the timer? Is the number 1 wire connected to the master valve/pump terminal?

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