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Wednesday, June 2nd 2004, 11:48pm

1 1/4" poly pipe

Can someone please tell me if I will have a problem with running 11/4 inch polypipe from my valves to my sprinklers, I don't have a lot of pressure and I am trying to minimize the psi loss, my longest run is 220 feet,@ 14gpm, some bozo in Illinois said I have to have a psi robbing RPZ(Febco 825YA) thanks for the help


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Thursday, June 3rd 2004, 4:42am

You miught want to consider a booster pump to gain the pressure you need.


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Thursday, June 3rd 2004, 3:19pm

you'll gain 8 psi going with 1.25" as opposed to 1" poly.

what is the size and length of your mainline?


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Thursday, June 3rd 2004, 9:54pm

1 inch copper from 1 inch meter approximately 35' long feeding into the psi robbing 825YA RPZ and onto the hunter 1" hpv valves which are about 4-5 feet from the rpz

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