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Tuesday, May 18th 2004, 7:25pm

Automatic Drain Valves

As a novice, I was wondering what the best way to install auto drain valves is and where they should be placed along the system. Should there be one on the main feed line and one each on the zone valves?

I did not see any poly T's on the site which are 1" barb X 1" barb X 1/2" female pipe thread which would accept a Blazing Industries auto drain (1/2" male pipe thread). Are poly T's availabe in the configuration I mentioned above and just not sold on this site? Could you turn a Blazing saddle upside down and connect the auto drain valve to the saddle?

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Wednesday, May 19th 2004, 8:51am

The following link has 1" barb x 1" barb x 1/2" FPT Tees:

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