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Saturday, May 15th 2004, 5:18am

Good source of poly pipe?

Our local Home Depots (Western NY) are pathetic when it comes to irrigation. They don't carry any brands of sprinker systems, and they don't even carry poly pipe. It's easy to find good sources of buying irrigation products on line (such as But I haven't found a good source for the poly pipe yet. I'll be using 1" tubing. Any good sources out there?


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Saturday, May 15th 2004, 7:40pm

Check your yellow pages for irrigation suppliers. Many of the trade wholesalers do operate retail storefronts; failing that, call some of the installation firms in your area, someone will be willing to sell you the pipe. One thing you might want to do is see if an install firm will supply the pipe and pull it for you. Much easier for you then trying to trench it in yourself, and usually done at a pretty reasonable price too.


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Monday, May 17th 2004, 4:00am

any plumbing supply should carry the Poly you need. Its used for more purposes than just irrigation

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