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Saturday, February 10th 2018, 4:59am

Is there a "dead" spray head?

I have a few pop up sprinklers (Richdel 100 series) in my lawn. Certain lawn area has changed its function, thus I do not need that particular sprinkle. Instead of digging it up and put a "pup" piece and cap it (then it will not be flush with the ground level).
I was looking for a "dead" spray head so that I can pull the head up, unscrew the exiting head and replace with the "dead' head. It may still pop-up, but at least there will be no water shooting out. The sprinkler will still be flush with the ground when not turn on. And in future , if I want to use it again, I just reverse.



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Saturday, February 10th 2018, 12:38pm

You could put a plug in the hole instead of a riser with a cap. It would be flush with the fitting.
Isn't there an adjusting screw on top of the sprinkler where you can turn it off?
I've never thought to do this before but you could take the nozzle off, plug it up somehow, use a paper towel or something, then screw the nozzle back on. I know that's jerry rigging but it would do what you're asking.

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