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Monday, February 5th 2018, 4:17am

Submersible pumps. Which one?


In bunnings they atm they have a 400W, 9000lph, silverstorm dirty water pump that can handle anythin up to think its 20mm, (but maybe 30mm) for $69. It says that its got a float switch, but isn't visible.
And also a Karcher 350W 9000lph clean water pump, but can handle solids up to 5mm for $149. This one has a visible float.
Was thinkin of either havin one with a float, or one that i could attach a pipe to make it so it won't go past a certain water line. And havin it attached to a timer as well, so the float would be there just in case.
Any opinions on which would be better? I mean i don't wanna be sucking fish thru the pump coz its gonna be in main ft.


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