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Monday, April 26th 2004, 6:02pm

Manual Drain or Blow Out?!?

I am designing a system for my yard and need to know some more details about the goods and bads of manual drain vs. blow out systems. Basicly, the front yard will be very flat, and the back yard will have good downward slope. Any information about designing and installing both systems would help a great deal. Thanks.


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Thursday, April 29th 2004, 11:52am

I set up systems to be blown out.

Drains?........I dislike them..........lets see.....
1. costly to install
2. just another place for a leak to develop
3. they will drain after every cycle
4. by draining they introduce air which MAY contribute to water hammer


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Tuesday, May 4th 2004, 3:55pm

That is the way i will probably go, just for the fact that all the water in the lines drains everytime the zone is shut off. What would be the best type of blow-out port to install, a pvc tee with a threaded end, or would you do something like a copper hose bib after the PVB?!? Thanks.


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Wednesday, May 5th 2004, 8:46am

Install a brass T and plug up the front end for blow out in Fall. A hose bib is the most common but it is only legal if you install a hose bib vacume breaker

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